Bulat Sharipov

Filmmaker, creative video producer

For over 10 years, I have been working with international cultural, artistic, and social institutions. I've started as a cinematographer and video editor, and later took on roles as a director and creative producer as well, which allows me to bring both technical and creative vision to every project.

I make long-form videos, such as documentaries and educational courses on art, culture, and popular science, as well as animated explainer videos, teaser campaigns and other short-form visuals.

Each story needs its unique visual and sound language. That's why i often work together with various artists to create a distinctive look and feel that brings our shared visions to life.

Short animated videos


Animated video for «Heterosis» art project by Snark.Art and Matt Collishaw.


Teaser for the hip-hop guide to the 20th century avantgarde art.

Lucid Dreaming

Animated video on the science of lucid dreaming for the World Heart Federation and Interactive Health Museum.

Education courses

Art and Science

«Art and Science» explores how these two fields of human endeavor have influenced and complemented each other throughout time. With contributions from leading museum specialists, this course offers a unique perspective on the intersections of science and art, and how they continue to shape our understanding of the world today.

Human Body and Healthy Lifestyle

Education programme for Interactive Health Museum with animated video courses on human body and healthy lifestyle.

Machines and Images

«Machines and Images» is a video essay series about the technological influence on visual arts of the 20th century made for The State Russian Museum.

Teaser campaignes

Rachel Leah Cohn

Artist Rachel Leah Cohn

Simone Muscolino

Artist Simone Muscolino



«Ichtiander-66» documentary film trailer.


«Kyulu» — experimental documentary movie.

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